- A -

Acquisition Box and Device Assembly

Acquisition Interface

- C -

Calibration Processing

IconTwilite Calibration
IconCalibration Processing
IconCorrection and Calibration Procedure

Combined View

IconCombined View
IconStarting the Data Acquisition

Correction and Calibration of twilite Measurements

IconTransfer to the Correction Interface
IconCorrection/Calibration of twilite Measurements

Correction and Calibration Procedure

Cutting and Resampling

- D -

Data Acquisition

IconData Acquisition via Acquisition Computer
IconData Acquisition
IconTwilite Calibration

Device Containers

Display of Saved Raw Data

- E -

Experimental Setup

- L -

List of Pipelines

- M -

Mac (OSX Yosemite on 2014 Macbook Pro illustrated)

Measurement View

Measuring Head

- N -

Network Configuration

- P -

Problem Reporting

Protocol Configuration

PSAMPLE Configuration

IconPSAMPLE Configuration
IconPSAMPLE Configuration for direct acquisition
IconData Acquisition via Acquisition Computer
IconMeasurement View

- Q -

Quality Assurance

- R -


- S -

Saving the Data

Starting the Data Acquisition

Swisstrace Blood Sampling System "Twilite"

- T -


Transfer to the Correction Interface

Twilite Calibration

Twilite Components

- U -

Use in PKIN

- W -

Windows (Windows 8 illustrated)