PSAMPLE Configuration for direct acquisition

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PSAMPLE Configuration for direct acquisition

To change the PSAMPLE configuration start it with the Button_configuration button in the PMOD Toolbox and activate the buttontb-settings in the bottom status line. The configuration window is organized as shown below:


Up to five devices can be configured which  can be simultaneously be used during the acquisition. Each device is characterized by an IP address that can be entered manually. For convenience, the Set Local Host button retrieves the computers IP address, which can then be adjusted to match the twilite address (obtained through the touch screen Configuration menu). If applicable, the device can be set up within a network specifying the "host" address in the host field Host.

For PSAMPLE direct data acquisition with the twilite three (or for the twilite two), the Miromico [TCP/IP] communication protocol must be selected from the leftmost drop-down menu. “Backup to disk file” is activated by default, and is recommended. The backup file location can be viewed by hovering the mouse cursor over the checkbox. Three back up files are generated for each twilite acquisition, for each singles channel, and for the coincidences. Data from the twilite is continuously appended to these files.


The connectivity can be tested by clicking the Device console icon DeviceConsoleIcon (3, below). A dialog window is opened which shows fields with the port number, the user name, and the password in the lower right. Port 23, login admin, and password ccount are the default values of the base unit.


The Connect button (4, above) tries to log into the twilite using telnet and this access information. If this succeeds, the connection elements are grayed and a confirmation is shown in the console window as illustrated above. In this state, commands can be given to the sampling device via the list menu.


The responses will be shown in the telnet window.

If the connection cannot be established, please check the IP address as well as the login information.

Note: Manual connection is for testing and trouble-shooting only, but not necessary for acquiring data. PSAMPLE will perform the connection using this access information when an acquisition is started.


Up to 5 channels are available for each device. The first three are dedicated to the coincidences (channel 1) and to the singles corresponding to the two LYSO crystals (channels 2 and 3). The analog channels 4 and 5 were incorporated for simultaneous monitoring of signals from additional instruments, and are now deprecated (analog inputs were only available on the twilite one, and are not available on twilite two or twilite three). We recommend using the default settings

During the acquisition, the measured data is stored in a buffer. As a security option, it can additionally be written in real-time to the disk. This behavior is enabled with the Backup to disk file box. For each channel, a text file with the date, time and the measurements information is saved. The backup location is in the installation path: Pmod4.1/data/pmdbase and the file names encode the device number D and the channel number C as follows: D_1_C_1_<date_time>.crv.

To add the samples to the log and inspect them with the PMOD console window, enable the Detailed console output box. However, this may slow the acquisition down.