Starting the Data Acquisition

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Starting the Data Acquisition

One Device Acquisition

The twilite acquisition is started with the Start button. With the default configuration illustrated below the display is updated each time a new sample is acquired, and the scaling adjusted in the x- and y-axes.


The curve controls


can be shown below the curve area or hidden by the Hide /Show Controls button Button_Show_Hiden (in the drop-down menu below the Info button). Counter_1 denotes the coincidences, Counter_2 and Counter_3 the two singles channels. The check boxes next to the curve names control their display. For instance, to only see the coincidences, the checks to the left of Counter_2 and Counter_3 can be removed.

The acquisition will run until the end of the defined protocol, unless the stop button is activated. Note that Start All and Stop All can also be used for single device acquisition.

Multiple Devices Acquisition

If multiple devices are controlled by the same instance of PSAMPLE, a curve display and control area is shown for each device in a row layout. The acquisition can be started individually for each device with the corresponding START button. Alternatively, all acquisitions can be started at once with Start All. The results of a multiple device acquisition can most conveniently be inspected in the Combined View (All devices) page.