Measurement View

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Measurement View

The Measurements Device(s) page consists of a wide display area, with configuration and control elements below. The measurement data are displayed as time count rate curves in counts/sec as a function of acquisition time.


The various elements are described below:


Button to access the configuration panel.


Normalization: Scales all curves relatively with a maximum of 1.


Autoscale: If enabled, the program continually adjusts the curve display ranges (both X and the Y axes).


Update box: If enabled, the display is continually updated to show all the acquired data.

Integration time

Duration during which the counts are collected. The accumulated counts are then divided by the integration time to calculate the count rate. Default is a 1 sec integration time, the minimum. The maximum Integration time is 10sec. Note that rebinning to longer intervals can be performed later in the correction tool.


Button to transfer the acquired curve(s) to the PSAMPLE Correction tool.


Button for clearing the data buffer.


Clear box: If enabled, the data buffer is cleared when starting a new acquisition. I.e. upon the re-start of an experiment the acquisition will overwrite the existing measurements. If disabled, the acquisition will continue from the moment the experiment was stopped.


Creates a capture of the entire screen and adds it to a buffer of up to 20 captures.


Opens the PMOD console window with log information.


The End By supports two settings:

User: allows stopping the acquisition any time by activating the STOP button.

Time: the user can define the acquisition duration, in minutes, after which the measurement is automatically stopped.

Counts: the user can define a threshold after which the measurement is automatically stopped.


Device Info: Shows the device configuration.

Hide/Show Controls: Allows the curve control elements to be shown or hidden.

Define/Save Protocol: For the definition of an acquisition protocol.

Load Protocol: To retrieve an acquisition protocol.

ACQ_Start, ACQ_Start_All

Start: Starts the acquisition for the configured device. Start All starts the acquisition on all configured devices at once.


Stop: Stops the acquisition for the configured device. Stop All stops all devices at once.


Timestamp: Opens a dialog in which the user can record events during acquisition with time stamping. Events can be entered manually and written to a file using the Set button.


The events file will be saved along with counts data, with the suffix *_EVTS (format *.crv).

If more than one device has been configured, each if them is represented by a curve/control area as described above (maximum 5).