Data Acquisition via Acquisition Computer

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Data Acquisition via Acquisition Computer

Start by switching on the twilite system using the ON/OFF  switch on the rear of the base unit. After the initialization procedure has completed, press the green ‘play’ button on the touch screen to switch on the PMTs.

Start PMOD on the acquisition computer and open the acquisition window with the Twilite Acquisition button in the PMOD ToolBox.


(It is assumed that connectivity with the twilite has been configured appropriately.)

In a simultaneous experiment with a PET acquisition please make sure that the system clocks of the acquisition computer and the PET system are synchronized before starting PMOD (PSAMPLE time stamps each data point, using the system time as reference). In order to acquire background data for automatic background subtraction during AIF correction, swisstrace recommends starting the twilite at least 20 sec before tracer injection.