Default Model Configurations and Configuration Sets

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Default Model Configurations and Configuration Sets

Model Default Configuration

Each model has default values. Initially, they are factory settings, but they can be re-defined by the user if he wants to establish a default configuration which is more adequate from him. There are four buttons next to Fit all regions for saving and retrieving the model configurations.



Save the current parameter configuration as the new default for the particular model type. Included are the values, the fit flags, and the restrictions of all parameters.


Resets the configuration of the current model to the saved defaults.

Note that the configuration defaults are managed on the basis of the PMOD login. Consequently, different logins could be prepared for processing types of data requiring different initial parameter values.

Complete Model Configuration Set

A model configuration can also be saved as an explicit definition file (.kmModel). It includes the tissue model as well as all blood models used. Included are the initial parameters, the fit flags, the restrictions and the residual weighting scheme (except for the prescribed weighting with the explicit weighting factors).


Save the current model and parameter configuration in a file.  


Retrieve a model configuration.

The configuration files make it simple to establish defaults for particular data processing tasks: just load the appropriate .kmModel file and set it as the default. Another application is batch processing. There, multiple models can be fitted to the data by simply selecting the corresponding .kmModel files.