Model Parameters

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Model Parameters

The Standard sub-tab illustrated above shows the configuration of the currently selected model. It encompasses different types of parameters:

Input parameters which are needed to specify information used for model calculations.

Fitable parameters which require a starting value and show the updated results after model fitting. A parameter is only optimized if its fit box is checked, otherwise it remains fixed.

Macroparameters are calculated from model parameters in the upper part to instantly provide composite information such as the distribution volume or the flux.

The fitable and derived parameters have four columns of information:

The Parameter name. In order to see a brief explanation of the parameter place the mouse pointer over the name. The explanation text is then displayed in the status line at the bottom.

The Current value, which can be edited, and which is updated as the result of a fit.

The Unit of the parameter value.

The standard error %SE of the parameter expressed as a percentage of the parameter value itself. It is only available, if a fit has been performed using the Marquardt-Levenberg method.