Kinetic Model Configuration

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Kinetic Model Configuration

The main functionality for the definition and fitting of kinetic tissue models is available on the Tissue pane. The upper part contains data and model selections, while the lower part gives access to the model details and fitting results.

KM Tab

The main elements for the model configuration on the Tissue pane are:


When several regional TACs have been defined and imported, the current regional TAC can be set using this list selection. The left and right arrows allow stepping forwards and backwards through the TACs. It is possible to type the initial characters on the keyboard for quick selection of known regions, e.g. "st" to select the region named "striatum".

After region switching, the display is updated with the configured model and the curves of the selected region.


Selection of the regional TAC serving as reference in models which have the input curve replaced by a tissue TAC. Note that Edit Data allows creating a TAC averaged from several loaded TACs, which may be useful as a reference.


The PKIN tool includes a comprehensive list of standard kinetic models and some auxiliary calculations. This list allows selecting among all currently configured models. As soon as the model is changed, the pane in the lower section is updated to show the parameters of this model.

Note that the models in the list can be rearranged, added or deleted using the PKIN Models tab after selecting Config from the PMOD ToolBox. Furthermore, the list can be focused on the current analysis by filtering.


Button for showing a quick information about the current model.