Handy Image Processing Tools

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Handy Image Processing Tools

The processing tools pane offers a substantial range of image transformation methods.


There are 5 methods which can directly used via the sub tabs, and many other external tools via a list on the Ext tab. To process the current image select a sub-tab, configure the parameters of the method which appear in the pane, and then activate the Run button. If the Replace box is checked, the original data is overwritten, otherwise a new image series is created and added to the list.

The directly accessible functions are:

Flt: Image filtering in the spatial and temporal domain.

Avr: Averaging of a contiguous range of image frames or slices between the From and To.
Tool Scale
There are two variants of Frames averaging for dynamic series, time-weighted averaging T, and normal averaging N.

Scl: Scaling of the pixel values, for instance for calibration or to calculate relative uptake.

Rpl: Replacing of pixel values which satisfy a certain condition by a constant.

Rdc: Simple function for matrix size reduction.