Data Loading

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Data Loading

Loading of Data into the R Console

The picture_5598 button in the lateral taskbar with the sub-menu


allows loading the different types of data which are accepted by the R console.

A saved R workspace containing the (Workspace Data, .RData file).

R processing scripts (Script, .r file).

Tables saved from R (Table, .RTable file) or several statistics programs.

PMOD VOI statistics data (Statistics, .voistat file). The Enhanced output format and Enhanced aggregation format should be enabled in the configuration. Note that the statistics may included a time dimension if the image file was dynamic.

Aggregated PMOD results (Aggregated, .dbTab file) from multiple result files. Typically, the results of a population (controls, patients) or a condition (test, retest) should be compiled into a single aggregate.

Dumps of the pixel values within VOIs: VOI Pixle dump (.pixDump file);

Images in any of the supported formats. At this time, however, no dedicated statistics on images are yet provided through the PMOD R console.

Transfer of Statistics to R

The Go to R button in the statistics viewer or aggregate viewer transfers the data of all open statistics to the R server, generating one R variable per tab in the R workspace. Per default, the variables are labeled sequentially in the order of the tabs as g1, g2, .. etc, but explicit names can also be specified.

Note: The NaN entries in the statistics viewer or aggregate viewer are transfered when the statistics are sent to the R console.