R Statistics in PMOD

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R Statistics in PMOD

R is an open-source statistical environment and programming language for data analysis and graphical display (R-project). Recently it has gained increased attention in the analysis of biomedical data, see for example the overview article of Tabelow et al: Image analysis and statistical inference in neuroimaging with R. Neuroimage 2011, 55(4):1686-1693. DOI.

The PMOD R console provides an interface to the R package and leverages the entire R functionality including the statistical analysis of PMOD results from populations. The methods can be applied to the outcome of VOI statistics, regional kinetic modeling, cardiac perfusion quantification and the PALZ analysis.

Standard analysis types are directly supported via the graphical user interface. They can be as simple as a performing scatter plots, but range to more complicated techniques such as ANOVA, test-retest analysis or Bland-Altman comparison.

Beyond using the graphical interface for invoking R functionality, users can also develop their own analysis scripts in a command window interface. In this situation, the PMOD R console serves as a prototyping interface which allows entering R code, executing it, inspecting the result, and improving the code.