Sprague-Dawley Rat Brain Atlas (Schiffer)

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Sprague-Dawley Rat Brain Atlas (Schiffer)

For the analysis of rat brain data the Px Rat (W.Schiffer) [1] VOI atlas is available. We would like to thank Wynne Schiffer for providing the data and helping with the integrations. The atlas incorporates adult male Sprague-Dawley rats (250-300g, age 52-62 days). This template implements the Paxinos coordinates.

Spatial Normalization

Three normalization templates are available in the fusion tool:

Px Rat (W.Schiffer)-FDG: This is an FDG PET template as illustrated below.

Px Rat (W.Schiffer)-FDG masked: This is a masked version of the FDG PET which has been masked outside the brain. It may be helpful if the additional activity of the Harderian glands is not present in the rat images to be normalized.

Px Rat (W.Schiffer)-T2: This is a T2-weighted MRI PET template which is in the same space as the PET templates.

The images of these templates can be found in the resources/templates/voitemplates/Px Rat (W.Schiffer)/normalization directory.

VOI Atlas

The VOI atlas Px Rat (W.Schiffer) can be selected in the list of included VOI atlases. The corresponding files can be found in the resources/templates/voitemplates/Px Rat (W.Schiffer) directory.



[1] Schiffer WK, Mirrione MM, Biegon A, Alexoff DL, Patel V, Dewey SL. Serial microPET measures of the metabolic reaction to a microdialysis probe implant. J Neurosci Methods. 2006;155(2):272-84. DOI