VOI Analysis

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VOI Analysis

The VOIS page shows the filtered Z-SCORE map fused with the NORMALIZED subject images together with the VOI editor.


If a VOI set has been defined in the Brain Norm, it is directly available for adjustments and statistics evaluation. The alignment of the VOIs with the brain structures can be verified using the NORMALIZED images. If needed, individual VOIs can be scaled, reshaped, or cleared and completely be redefined from scratch.

There are two ways of calculating statistics. The standard statistics button applies the VOIs to the images in the selected tab and shows the results in a dialog window. In the example illustrated below the mean, stdv, max, etc. of the NORMALIZED subject images will be calculated in kBq/cc.


With the Calc Statistics (Total) action button the VOIs are applied to the filtered z-score map and only the sum of z-scores per VOI is calculated. The result is shown on the dedicated Statistics page of the PNEURO tool.