PMOD Geometric Models and Simulation Tool (PGEM)

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PMOD Geometric Models and Simulation Tool (PGEM)

The PGEM tool supports various types of analyses and simulations based on anatomical data. Particularly, the following tasks are supported:

DTI Tractography: Diffusion tensors resulting from the analysis of DWI MR data can be imported and three-dimensional tracts generated. They may be visualized in 3D scenes, used for statistics on the diffusion maps, and exported in vtk format for use in external programs.

4D Flow Visualization: MR sequences are able to measure the instantaneous flow vector in vessels over time. In a similar analysis as in tractography, this information can be used for generating streamlines which visualize flow direction and velocity.

Generation of Dynamic PET images: Based on an anatomical atlas and a time-activity curve for each atlas structure, a synthetic dynamic PET image can be generated with a certain noise level. Such data can be used for the evaluation of parametric mapping and segmentation approaches.

Construction of Vessel Structures and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation: In a first step vessel structures can be segmented from anatomical images and converted into a geometric model. In a second step, flow through the vessel is simulated in an external CFD software. The resulting flows can subsequently be retrieved and analyzed.