Management of the OpenFoam Remote Cases

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Management of the OpenFoam Remote Cases

The Open Foam remote cases are easily accessible via the dedicated PGEMOpenFoamButton button available in the lateral task bar. A dialog window opens as illustrated below:


The information related with the OpenFoam server is displayed in the upper section.

The cases available on the server are centrally listed in table format. The status of each case is displayed on the Status column: it can be either running, failed (giving number of errors), or just ticked if successfully finished as in the capture above.

The functionality of the action buttons available at the bottom of the page are summarized in the table below:


Allows refreshing the case list


Allows stopping a running case on the list.

PGEMCFDManagementLogs Button


Allows visualizing the logs file of the cases in the list. Its activation opens a window like illustrated below:


The window is organized on pages which content can be Copy to Clipboard and paste in a text file.


Allows visualizing the error logs. Its activation opens a dialog window as shown below:


The window is organized on pages which content can be Copy to Clipboard and paste in a text file.


Allows visualizing the residuals for the case selected in the list. A dialog window opens and shows the plotted residuals as illustrated below:


In this example the residual becomes flat after approximately 30 iterations meaning that solution is converged.


Allows deleting the selected case from the list


Allows downloading the selected case from the list. Optionally, the case can be deleted from the OpenFOAM server enabling the Delete checkbox aside the Download button.

When activated a confirmation dialog appears as illustrated below:


It shows the location where the file will be saved. Please note that this setting is configured locally within the PGEM interface as explain above.

The AortaCase was selected for download.