Create CFD case from an Existing Case

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Create CFD case from an Existing Case

Start the CFD simulation activating the Create CFD case green button. A dialog window appears as illustrated below:


Enable the Load case button to start the CFD simulation from a previously saved case.  Close the window with the OK and select a .cfdCase file. The CFD interface appears displaying the Volume Mesh as the first step of the analysis.


The .cfdCase file contains all the settings necessary for the CFD simulation: Volume Mesh, Boundary Conditions and Solution Controls. Modify the case definitions (e.g. Boundary Conditions) in order to try variations of the processing parameters. Save the new case settings with the Save button and finally send the new CFD case to the server with the Execute case button.


Assign a meaningful name to the CFD case in the Case name field. This facilitates the management of the OpenFoam remote and local cases.

The View surface mesh button allows viewing the SM in the 3D interface and interactively explore it.