Geometric Model Construction

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Geometric Model Construction

The geometric model is representing the functional core of the PGEM tool. It needs for input only images and consists of volumes of interest (VOIs) and auto-generated STereoLithography structures (STLs). Once the model is created and saved, it gives the user the possibility to focus only on applications. Still, the user can redefine the model structures at any time point. This "stop in the middle" of processing data, represented by the model, is a big advantage: the user does not have to repeat the path image data-data segmentation because everything is available within the model.

The model can be used to create:

Phantom Simulation as explained in the dedicated chapter.

Education-driven application: educational 3D visualization of structures complemented by graphics, pictures and text - knowledge base associated with geometry. It is similar to an atlas of human physiology and is important for education and research as well.

Surface meshes suitable for CFD modeling. The surface meshes are compatible with CFD solvers like OpenFoam and Fluent. The user can create CFD cases directly through PMOD for OpenFoam. The results can be readily visualized in the interactive PMOD 3D environment in order to obtain new understanding about the blood-flow behavior. The visualization is based on volume rendering and aims to convert nonvisual data into readable and recognizable images.

PGEM is a promising solution which supplements the limited spatial and temporal resolution of imaging data with physically based fluid dynamic.