Generation of Dynamic PET Phantom Images

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Generation of Dynamic PET Phantom Images

There is a particular workflow within PGEM for the generation of dynamic PET images representing defined kinetics in well-defined anatomical structures.

Input to this workflow is a set of VOIs which define the target anatomy. Additionally, the time course of the activity concentration (TAC) in each VOI must be provided. Such data can for instance easily be obtained by applying the PNEURO tool to an experimental dynamic PET study, optionally with an MRI.

Within PGEM, the VOIs are first transformed into an anatomical model. For each pixel within an anatomical structure the corresponding TAC is then used, optionally with some noise added, to generate a synthetic dynamic series with well-defined noise level. Finally, the images can be saved and, for instance, used to study the performance of a parametric mapping method in PXMOD.