Definition of the Properties for the Model's Elements

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Definition of the Properties for the Model's Elements

The properties section on the Models page allows modifying the properties of the element selected in the model tree:


The Rename text field allows changing the name of the entry in the tree by simply typing a new name. To set the new name it is mandatory to press the Enter key on the keyboard. A dialog window opens: activate the OK button to confirm the change.

To eliminate an entry in the model tree, select the element or the node and activate the Delete PGEMDeleteCharacteristics button. A dialog window appears allowing to Completely remove from the model the selected entry or to Delete the definition from the specified frame.

The Property available for selection is as follows:

1.VU is representing the user defined units.

2.YM stands for Young's module.

3.AI stands for acoustic impedance.

To assign a certain e.g. VU value to one or more entry in the model tree please proceed as follows:

1.Select the element in the model tree. For multiple selection use Shift+click or CTRL+click.

2.In the text field aside the Property selection (e.g. VU) type the value (e.g. 100).

3.Confirm the action with the Enter button from the keyboard.


In case property value is entered for a top level entry it will affect all the nodes beneath it.

The property will be applied to all selected nodes: the selection is referring to the node, not to the checkbox aside the node.

To define different properties to the elements in a node start the definition with the highest hierarchical node and then continue with the lower level nodes beneath it.  

If no value is entered for the current selection the property field displays "0".

Below the properties panel additional functionality buttons are available:


offering the following functions:



Hide/show the properties panel to free some space in the user interface. With the panel hidden, the icon changes to PGEMCollapse. When this button is activated, the panel is shown again.


Allows starting the movie when dynamic models are defined. The text box aside allows defining the movie delay PGEMMOvieDelayTextboxModelsPage.

The slider PGEMModelDynamicSliderallows selecting for preview a specific frame in a dynamic model.


Allows stopping the movie


If enabled shows 3D Cartesian coordinate system.


Allows selecting the number of the 3D vertices to be displayed in the view port. The higher the number the less vertices will be shown.


List selection for changing the background color.


Allows rotating 360 degrees the 3D simplified model preview in the view port.