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PFUSEIT is PMOD's second-generation image registration and fusion tool. Its purpose is to bring images into a common coordinate space where they can be post-processed in different ways.

Depending on the data to be processed, a user is guided in a workflow through the image registration process, so that the procedure is as convenient as possible and the results reproducible. The following types of image registration are available:

manual, interactive alignment by shifting and rotating the images;

automatic rigid alignment using different image comparison methodologies;

SPM5-, SPM8-, SPM12-type elastic deformation to template images;

motion correction of dynamic series;

registration based on user-defined anatomical or fiducial landmarks.

Once the images are spatially aligned, there are various ways of post-processing supported:

different variants of fusing the registered images;

visualization of up to 6 fused images in parallel;

saving fused images in JPEG/TIFF or as DICOM secondary capture images;

pixel-wise image algebra of registered images;

volume-of-interest definition directly in fused images;

scatter plots of corresponding pixel values in 2 (2D plot) or 3 (3D plot, optional) matched images;

rotating MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) images of up to three fused images.