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Error reporting

Internal errors typically leave messages of the form
at pmclass.applications.pmgateway.PMgatewayDefaults.getConvertionSettings(
at pmclass.applications.pmgateway.PMgatewayFrame.convert(
in the command window or the log file.  

To allow PMOD Technologies tracking the problem please report the error using the in-built reporting mechanism as described in the problem reporting section. If this is not possible due to a firewall problem please open the Support Request section on the website and fill the error message together with a description into the problem report form.

License Errors

Some of the most likely license errors are:

The following error message might appear when restarting PMOD after a crash or after killing the program rather than quitting regularly

If the license file has not been copied to the right directory, you will see a message
License Not Found
Please copy pstarter.lcs to Pmod4.1/system/lcs

If the license file has been modified somehow, you will see a message
License Error. Invalid license file (2)
Please try to extract pstarter.lcs again from your e-mail without any modifications.

If the USB key cannot be read because it is not connected or because the driver installation is not up to date, you will see an error message Hardware license key not accessible with additional details.
Please make sure that the USB key is connected and the installation was done as described. The installation may have to be repeated after an operating system upgrade.

In order to be able to run PMOD with the USB key, the JNI must be found during startup. To this end the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH must contain the path /usr/lib. The most appropriate location to define it would be in a global definition file, eg /etc/csh.cshrc. If not already defined so, add
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lib

Auto Installer

In some situations CentOs and Ubuntu do not allow executing the installation script by double click and a text editor is opened instead.

In order to solve this issue please perform as follows:

1.Set executable permissions for RunSetup:


2.Open terminal from Setup folder:



3.Start the script from the terminal window entering ./RunSetup:LinuxCentOsTroubleshooting2


Note: By default, the Pmod installation goes to the current user folder (the path can be changed during the installation). The installation should be performed from the Pmod user account.