Server Administration Interface

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Server Administration Interface

Installations with multiple Transaction (TS) and DICOM (DS) servers may use an administration tool for server monitoring and controlling the servers. It is started by appending -admin to the command in RunPmod. A script for running this administration console would contain

cd "D:\PmodReleases\Pmod4.1"
.\java\jre\bin\java -Xmx16000M -jar pmod.jar -admin

It starts the following small toolbox.


Config starts the standard configuration tool for adjustment.

Manage Servers opens a dialog window for monitoring the status of all configured servers, and starting or stopping them. It scans the directory specified in the Scripts folder and lists the servers found in the scripts with status information. If the Auto execution check is enabled, an attempt will be made to start all server scripts.


Three server Types are possible, DATABASE (TS), DICOM (DS) and LICENSE. Each server listens on a Port at a server Address. If a server process is not running, its State is Stopped, otherwise Running. Using the View setting the list may be filtered according to the State of the entries.


If a script has been called at least once, its Executed attribute is set to YES, and the process output can be inspected with View Output. Running processes can be stopped by selecting them in the list, and activating Stop selected server(s). Reversely, Stopped servers can be started by selecting them in the list, and activating Start selected server(s).

For a selected LICENSE server the License Server Statistics can be shown with the corresponding button, and in the case of an ATL version licenses can be recovered.