Tool Configurations

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Tool Configurations

Each PMOD tool also has individual configuration settings which tailor it to the user's needs. These settings dialogs can be accessed by using the menu View/Settings/Modify entry or directly by the Button Settings button

Menu Settings Modify 

in the lowest line of the tool. The example below shows the settings dialog window of the viewing tool.


The Paths tab contains the default input format definition, the default output format definition, and the data paths.

The Display tab depends somewhat on the tool. It is mainly used for

tailoring the initial appearance such as the size and location of the tool,

the default image layouts and color table properties. Note that different colortable can be set for different image modalities.

the organization of the VOI toolbars for optimal arrangement depending on the screen size, and

configuring the contents of the report page.

The last tab, in the example above PVIEW,  is completely tool-specific.

When the Ok button is activated the settings are saved and will serve as the starting configuration when the tool is opened the next time.