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The PRESENTS contains global layout settings.


The type of the processed data may matter for some PMOD functions. For instance, animal data with small pixel sizes require also smaller default values for the sampling rates and filter sizes. If the user configures the Human, Rat or Mouse application domain PMOD is able to exploit appropriate presets. Otherwise, with the General configuration, the user can choose between the presets during data processing.

With the global Oncology box enabled, the functionality and usability of PMOD is tailored for the the oncology research field. It indicates to the program that hot lesion outlining and assessment is the main application purpose. Consequently:

The default units for display and statistics are set to SUV, whereby the SUV type can be selected.

The subject annotations (Subject Name, Subject ID) are switched on by default for the viewport.

The statistics measures Volume and Total (aver*volume) are renamed to MTV (Metabolic Tumor Volume) and TLG (Total Leasion Glycolysis) respectively.