Rhesus Macaque (INIA19)

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Rhesus Macaque (INIA19)

The INIA19 atlas has been developed for the rhesus macaque by Rohlfing et al. [1] and made available to the scientific community (http://nitrc.org/projects/inia19/). It includes 1014 VOI definitions, an MR template for template-based normalization and three tissue probability maps for normalization using the unified segmentation approach.  


The atlas was created from high-resolution, T1-weighted MR images of 19 rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) animals. Combined with the comprehensive cortical and sub-cortical label map, the INIA19 is equally suitable for studies requiring both spatial normalization and atlas label propagation.


1.Rohlfing T, Kroenke CD, Sullivan EV, Dubach MF, Bowden DM, Grant KA, Pfefferbaum A: The INIA19 Template and NeuroMaps Atlas for Primate Brain Image Parcellation and Spatial Normalization. Frontiers in neuroinformatics 2012, 6:27. DOI