@ FTP Nodes

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@ FTP Nodes

FTP nodes can be configured and used to remotely connect with external servers. These servers can be used only for sending data.

New nodes are created with the option button:

Add new node: Creates a new node with the default settings.

Duplicate node: Creates a new node using the settings of the currently selected node.

The node name needs to be specified during node creation, but can be changed later using the Edit node name button.

Configuration FTP Nodes

For each of them define the address by IP number or host name. The default port is 21 and supports only unsecured data export.  Same port can be used for all nodes. As soon as the remote server has been started, it can be contacted and used for saving images.

The User and the Password need to be the same as the ones used for the login on the remote server. After configuration has been completed, the ECHO button can be used to test the connectivity.

In the Directory field should be specified a directory name that already exists as a subdirectory in the FTP login directory.