Image History and Macros

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Image History and Macros

PMOD keeps a record for all operations applied to an image in a structure called Image History. The history starts with loading the data, and then a sequence of operations for which the following information are recorded:

The Operation name.

Date and time when the operation was applied.

The PMOD Tool in which the operation was performed.

The PMOD User who performed the image analysis.

The Details of the operation such as filter sizes, rotation angles etc.

An example history is shown below.


The information can be printed or saved as an image using the Print Report button.


In some situations, the user may have to repeat the same sequence of image transformations with many data sets. In this case, he can convert the image history of a representative data processing session into a macro by saving it with the Save Macro button.

Macros can be applied as a data transformation during loading or in Pipeline Processing.