Hot-keys Based Segmentation

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Hot-keys Based Segmentation

Three types of VOIs can be generated by pointing at the center of a hot lesion and activating a keyboard key:

1.Spherical Peak VOI (Ctrl+Q);

2.Isocontour VOI within a bounding space at a specified level (Ctrl+L);

3.PERCIST-type Iso-contouring VOI based on a reference VOI (Ctrl+U).

The settings for the generation of these VOIs are arranged in the VOI configuration panel as illustrated below. A similar panel is also available via the data inspector.


The different VOI types are described in the following sections.

Notes: The keyboard-driven definition of the VOIs is working only when the VOIs functionality is active. The generated VOIs are initially locked, as they are intended as objective measures. They can be unlocked in the VOI Level Properties dialog window.