File-based Saving

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File-based Saving

Saving as a file involves selecting a destination directory and specifying a file name. In some cases further input is required and an additional dialog box pops up. For the Analyze and Raw formats a dialog such as


is shown and requests the definition of the number encoding in the Transfer Syntax selection.

The accuracy of the data representation - and the disk space requirements - increases from top to bottom. If the dynamic range in the images is large, you are recommended to use a FLOAT format. For PMOD the number encoding does not matter. For other programs, however, there may be preferred formats. BE and LE are related to the byte ordering which is different among processors (LE = little endian, on Intel and DEC Alpha processors; BE = big endian, for most other processors).

The Transfer syntax validated string is shown in case there is no precision loss for the selected transfer syntax. Otherwise (for the Raw format when saving short to byte or float to short) a warning message Selected transfer Syntax will cause rounding error is shown.