Creation of a DICOMDIR File

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Creation of a DICOMDIR File

The DICOMDIR file format has been defined to organize the access to off-line DICOM part 10 files. For instance, DICOM-compliant data CDs contain a DICOMDIR at the root level which contains a description and access information for all the studies on the CD. In PMOD, the DICOMDIR similarly describes the DICOM files residing under a root directory, eg. Pmod4.1/data/dicom. This file can be maintained by PMOD's DICOM server which updates the information after receiving and storing new images (see also the PMOD DICOM Functionality).

The PVIEW tool has a handy function to create a DICOMDIR file which registers all DICOM files contained in a directory tree (see also the section DICOM Part 10 Data Loading). This function is called by the Create Dicomdir entry in the menu View and opens the following dialog.


The Change Folder opens a file browser to select the root directory of the tree containing the DICOM files to be registered. When Gather statistics is activated, all files in the directory tree are analyzed, and the information in the STATISTICS section updated. However, to really create the DICOMDIR file, the Create button must be activated. Using Load from DICOMDIR, the DICOM Part 10 Data Loading window can directly be opened for selecting images.