PMOD Image Viewing and VOI Tool (PVIEW)

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PMOD Image Viewing and VOI Tool (PVIEW)

PVIEW is a versatile image and Volume-of-Interest (VOI) analysis tool which belongs to the base installation of PMOD. It supports many operations for image reviewing and scientific data analysis including:

Loading medical images in different formats, including DICOM.

Viewing the images with different color tables and in different layouts.

Calculating new slice images in arbitrary new orientations.

Performing many image processing and manipulation operations.

Displaying fusion images of matched data sets (image registration is a separate option).

Performing volume-of-interest analyses and the calculation of time-activity curves from dynamic studies.

Saving images in different formats, including DICOM, and directly C-STORE them to a DICOM server.

The PVIEW tool is started from the PMOD ToolBox with the

PVIEW Start Button

Like many other PMOD tools it organizes the functionality on different pages which can be selected by the upper tabs.