Contour Display Properties

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Contour Display Properties

The configuration panel houses properties defining how the VOIs are displayed in the image overlay.  


The following properties can be configured in the option menu:

VOI names in overlay

Shows the VOI names next to the contours in the image overlay.
Note: The location of the names cannot be changed.

Name of VOI under cursor in  corner

Shows the names of the VOIs below the cursor in a separate section at the top of the image. Overlapping regions are shown as a list of names.

Hide VOI action handle

Hides the handle for moving the VOI to avoid obstructing the view with small VOIs. The VOI shifting/rotation operations have to be performed with the keyboard arrow cursors.

Data driven display

Determines the behavior of the image layout when switching between different series. If the box is checked, each image has its own properties such as layout, zoom, color etc. Otherwise, the images are shown with the same layout properties.

Usually contours are outlined on images displayed with interpolation, often combined with image zooming. In such a representation the images look smooth, even if the original pixels are big as with modalities suffering from low spatial resolution relative to the structure being outlined. To make sure that the right pixels are included in the VOI it is recommended - especially for small structures - to examine the VOI pixels as follows:

1.Check the S box. The display shows only the contours of the currently selected VOI to avoid confusion in the presence of multiple VOIs.

2.Check the VOIHideVertex icon. The VOIs vertexes are hidden.

3.Check the Fill box. The display now shows a grid with the VOI pixels (G). The grid can also be filled by setting the radio button to A (opaque filling). The degree of opacity can be change using the UP arrow Button arrow UP right to the A button, whereby 100% indicates full opacity.

4.Disable image smoothing by disabling the
button in the image control section.

5.Modify the VOI contours with the Fill box checked, for instance by moving a vertex. The grid is updated as soon as the changes are completed.

ROI Filling

Note: PMOD only considers the pixels for the statistics calculation which are visualized with the Fill functionality.