Aggregation of Components such as VOIs and Kinetic Parameters

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Aggregation of Components such as VOIs and Kinetic Parameters

Over time, the database may collect a large amount of data. The Aggregate Components tool allows summarizing and extracting data of a specific component type such as VOI statistics, kinetic modeling parameter files etc.

The example below shows how VOI STATISTICS results can be exported. After selecting the component type VOI STATISTICS all corresponding results are listed.


The list can further be filtered using demographic or project attributes. Then select the results to be exported (CTRL+A for Select all), right click on the list, and activate the appearing Export button. The files are then saved into a directory which can be specified. Similarly, other types of derived component data can be exported.

More sophisticated operations than a mere file export are available for VOI statistics (.voistat), Model Parameters (.kinpar), Pet Cardiac Analysis (.pcardRes), MR Cardiac Analysis (.mcardRes) and Alzheimer Discrimination Results (.palzRes). If either of these types is selected, the Create tab become active. Its purpose is to compile the results contained in multiple files into a comprehensive table (.dbTab), which can be exported for further analyses or loaded and sent directly to Pmod-R interface for statistic analysis. Note that this type of analysis is most effective if consistent naming conventions (same region names) are obeyed.