Administrative Tools

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Administrative Tools

There are four buttons on the DATABASE panel of the PMOD configuration page for performing administrative database tasks.

DB Administration Buttons

Their function briefly:

Data Base Administration: Check database integrity, export data into an external directory or zip archive, replicate data between databases, modify attributes.

Database Reports: Investigate the database contents, e.g. find out the number of subjects, studies, series, and list/print the subjects contained in the database, filtered using criteria such as gender, weight, etc.

Aggregate Components: Export the data of certain component types, and generate tables with the VOI statistics or Kinetic Modeling results from multiple studies.

Create Norm: Build normal databases from a number of healthy control subjects. There are two optional tools available, one for brain databases (Brain Tool), the other for cardiac databases (Cardiac PET Tool). Their creation is explained in the respective User's Guides.