Quality Control Capture

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Quality Control Capture

The Maximum Probability Atlas and the Parcellation workflows in PNEURO allow a quality check preview to be configured on the VOIs page. The functionality is easily accessible above the mapping and PVC pane as illustrated below:


With the QC box enabled the configuration ButtonConfiguration button becomes active allowing further setting for the capture:


The size of the capture is set under the JPEG selection. The recommended Layout is the Orthogonal (3D) selection.  The Planar selection requires further definition for the number of rows and columns in the Rows X Cols fields.

The Gray color table is used for the JPEG capture. The appearance of the JPEG capture can be optimized by setting appropriate percentage thresholds from the lower and upper (Lt/Ut) values of the color table.

The preview PNEURO_PreviewButton button allows a quick inspection of the VOIs overlaid on the Select functional image in all planes when the Orthogonal layout is used:


The QC capture settings are stored in the protocol file when the box is enabled. This is relevant for the batch processing: it allows the user to quickly inspect the outcome of the matching procedures, in the selected result space, at the end of the batch processing run.  

The JPEG images stored in the database are easily accessible using the View capture facility available in the DB Load page on the bottom of the Series selection section, as illustrated below: