Brain Norm Editor

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Brain Norm Editor

The tool for Brain Norm creation and maintenance can be started using the Edit Norm entry in the Neuro menu.

Normals Database Creation (1)

A dialog window appears which supports the creation of a new Brain Norm in a step-by-step manner. These steps are explained in the following sections.

Brain DB Editor User Interface

The image viewer to the right of the dialog window allows displaying the different data sets involved in the Brain Norm calculation:


Show the result of the database calculation. The MEAN, the STDV and the Pooled STDV image are available here. Note the selection below the image to switch the images.
Switch Norm Images


Show the template for stereotactic normalization.


Show the normalization mask.


Show the original images of the currently selected control sample.


Show the images of the currently selected control sample after spatial normalization.

Pooling Mask

Show the mask used for the averaging of the standard deviations.

Result Mask

Mask outside which the database comparison is cleared.

Scale In

Show the mask used for finding the reference value for scaling.

The principle in the Brain Norm editor is to work from top to bottom following the numbered user interface elements.