6. Comparison Settings

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6. Comparison Settings

The subject images which are to be compared against the Brain Norm are also first normalized. The smoothing filter during this normalization may differ from the filter applied to the control image normalization and can be specified with the Normalization Gaussian Smoothing values.

Due to the pooling of many samples and some optional filtering, the database is inherently smoothed. Therefore, some smoothing of the normalized subject images is most likely required to reduce disturbing edge artifacts. This smoothing can be specified with Z-Score Gaussian Smoothing values.

Define z-Score Calculation

The Statistics in VOI facility allows to specify a VOI set for calculating regional statistics in the resulting z-score map. These VOIs have to be prepared in the normal space, and can be selected using the Button ... button. Hint: An easy way to generate a comprehensive VOI set is to save an outline result from one of the VOI outlining modules in PNEURO, after selecting Atlas as the result space.