3-Tissue Compartment Model

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3-Tissue Compartment Model

This 3-tissue compartment model separates free tracer C1(t) and non-specifically bound tracer C3(t) in the non-displaceable compartment. K1 and k2 describe the exchange between arterial plasma and tissue, k3 and k4 between free and specifically bound tracer C2(t) in tissue, and k5 and k6 between free and non-specifically bound tracer.


Differential Equation of the Mass Balance


with input curve Cp(t).

Operational Model Curve


with the concentration CB(t) of tracer in whole blood, and the blood volume fraction vB.

Parameter Fitting

The model in principle includes the 7 fitable parameters vB, K1, k2, k3, k4, k5, k6, but reliable fitting cannot be achieved in practice. However, the model can be valuable for educational purposes and for generating simulation data.