Non-Compartmental Models

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Non-Compartmental Models

PKIN includes some additional models, which are neither explicit compartment nor reference models. They include the important linear regression methods Logan Plot and Patlak Plot, recent alternative methods for estimating the total distribution volume, as well as simple methods to quickly calculate ratios between tissue TACs and/or the plasma concentration.

Model Name


Logan Plot

Graphical analysis of reversible system to calculate the total distribution volume.

Ichise MA1

Reformulation of the Logan plot as a multilinear analysis to reduce noise-induced bias. Result is the total distribution volume.

Ichise MA2

Multilinear analysis derived from the two-compartment model. Results are the total as well as the specific distribution volume.

Patlak Plot

Graphical analysis of irreversible system. Applied to FDG studies it allows to estimate glucose turnover.


Based on a bolus study, the bolus/infusion ratio for an equilibrium study can be estimated

Area under Curve

Calculates the integrals of the tissue TAC and the input curve, as well as their ratio.


Calculate the ratio of tissue binding to plasma concentration in order to get an estimate of the total DV

Ratio Methods

Calculate the ratio of specific binding to non-specific binding.

Retention Fraction

Calculate the fraction of pased tracer which is accumulated in tissue

Fractal Dimension

Calculation of the box-counting dimension of curves