Global Configuration

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Global Configuration

Use the


button on the PMOD ToolBox to open the general configuration dialog window. The PKIN models are available on the PKIN models sub-panel of the USERS configuration.


Note that there are four different types of models, for Tissue, Blood, Plasma Fraction and Parent, each with a dedicated panel. The example above shows the Tissue panel which consists of the list of configured models, and tools to change the list. All of these panels behave in the same way.

A list entry shows in bold the model name as it appears in the PKIN interface, and in parentheses the actual file name of the model plug-in. The order how the models appear in list and consequently in the PKIN application can be changed by please selectin an entry and moving it up/down using the arrows to the right or alphabetical sorting. The ? button will bring up a window with a short model explanation. To remove unneeded models for shortening the selection just select entries in the list and activate Remove. Correspondingly, the Add button shows a dialog window with model currently not configured, so that they can be added again.