Data Units

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Data Units

Timing Units

The following timing units are supported.





During data loading, a conversion of the timing information to seconds is performed.

Value Units

The unit [1/1] is generic. In this case the user has to take care that all data used for modeling have been translated into compatible values.

PET data typically arises in concentration units, which are a requirement for modeling. The following activity concentration units are supported.

[Bq/ml], [Bq/cc], [kBq/cc], [MBq/cc]

[uCi/cc], [nCi/cc]


Note: During PET data loading, the unit specification will be used to convert the specified activity concentration values into the internal representation of kBq/cc. All activity concentration data will be displayed in kBq/cc in the user interface.

The formats for CT and MRI data are [HU] and [1/1], respectively.  

The unit string in square brackets should immediately follow the column headers as described in the following sections. If units are not defined or not recognized, it is assumed that the units specified in the PKIN configuration apply.