Data Transfer for Parametric Mapping in PKIN

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Data Transfer for Parametric Mapping in PKIN

In order to use parametric mapping in PKIN, the dynamic data have to be loaded in the PVIEW tool, VOIs outlined, and then the transfer to PKIN started as illustrated below. As PKIN can only handle a limited number of TACs, the default Maximal number of TACs is set to 10000, but can be changed.


Please select only the relevant VOIs in the list to the left. The VOI average TACs are shown in the curve area, with the number of included voxels indicated in brackets in the list to the right. Activate TAC of each VOI voxel, and then transfer the data with Send [SET] to create a new PKIN workspace, or Send [ADD] to use the selected PKIN workspace.

If no blood information is available for modeling, an average TAC from a reference VOI will be needed. It is recommended transferring it separately as an average TAC by calling the transfer window again, this time only selecting the reference VOI, enabling Averaged VOI TAC, enabling Append TAC data and finally activating Send [ADD].

Important: The image has to remain loaded in the PVIEW tool during parametric mapping in PKIN.