Data Saving

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Data Saving

Data can be saved in various formats using the following Kinetic menu entries:

Save KM File

Saves all data and the configuration in a comprehensive text file with suffix .km. Loading a .km file restores the state of the previous processing with the exception of the display settings.

Note that the model fitting history is also saved/retrieved.

Save KM Parameters File

Generates and saves a summary of the model parameters with their standard error in all regions.

Note: The results of the latest Fit in the model fitting history are exported, rather than the currently viewed parameter set which may be manually changed.

Result is a tab-delimited text file with extension .kinPar, which is readable with any text editor and with numerical programs such as Excel. There is a Save and an Append sub-menu, the latter for combining results of several studies in a single file. kinPar files can be aggregated for performing statistical analyses.
Saved model parameters can be inspected using the View Parameters button from the taskbar to the right.


Save all Time Activity Curves

Saves just the regional time-activity data in a multi-column text file with .tac extension. This option may be helpful to export TAC data for visualization in a different program.

Another useful application of Save/Load Time Activity Curve is to append a TAC  from a different tissue: first save the current TACs, add the TAC of an additional region as a new column in Excel, then load the .tac file again.

Save all Model Curves

Exports the tissue model curves of all regions into a text file. Note that these curves are not interpolated between the frame mid-times. To obtain smoother curves please use the Create Synthetic KM Study menu item.

Note: Units of the saved data TAC are always [kBq/cc] and [seconds].