Visualizing the Streamlines/Pathlines in 3D

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Visualizing the Streamlines/Pathlines in 3D

The 3D page initially shows the streamlines together with the VOIs.


Note the elements in the Scene tree in the upper right. An objects can be selected in the tree its appearance changed in the lower part. Please refer to the PMOD 3D Tool Users Guide for details about the rendering.

Initially the streamlines/pathlines of the first frame are shown, when typically there is low flow. To visualize the pattern at later times select the Streamlines/Pathlines entry in the object tree, activate its Plot properties panel, and drag the Frame slider or start a cine.

Image planes can be added by clicking at Planes in the tree, activating Add planes, opening the planes locator and finally selecting the MAG image. The plane location can easily be changed by clicking into the Select planes window, and the color on the Input panel.