VOI Based Uniform (GTM)

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VOI Based Uniform (GTM)

In these images, all pixels belonging to a VOI are set to the value obtained as the partial-volume corrected average value of that VOI. Pixels not included in a VOI are set to NaN. The example below illustrates a case with only two manually outlined VOIs, a tumor VOI and an enclosing background VOI.


To obtain the partial-volume corrected VOI averages please open the result images in the VOI tool, load the VOIs employed for the PVC, and calculate the statistics.

Statistics in Step-wise Mode

The step-wise mode has the advantage, that the statistics can directly be calculated with the View Statistics button. For static series, simple VOI statistics will be generated which are shown in a side-by-side manner as illustrated below.


In the case of dynamic series the results are TACs as illustrated below.


The statistic results can be saved as statistics *.voistat file with the Save Statistics button. In alternative, the Before PVC or After PVC content of the page can be copied To Clipboard and paste in Excel.