Using Label Map Files

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Using Label Map Files

A label map is a file, which contains label numbers in all pixels which identify different objects in the image. Such maps are often the product of segmentation procedures. PMOD can load and analyze these files and create a VOI template out of it.

The functionality is located on the Template panel, in the Map sub-panel as illustrated below.


To load a map file choose the file format in the Load Label Map area and select the map file. A dialog window appears which allows specifying the bin size for the label histogram. A Step value of 1 should normally work fine. The file is scanned and for each label found a list entry is created in the Template VOIs list. Now the names can be edited, the VOIs outlined and further used as for the prepared template VOIs.

AnalyzeAVW Object Maps

Using the AUTODETECT format, PMOD can directly load AnalyzeAVW object maps (*.obj). It will not only create the VOIs, but also restore the VOI names and the VOI colors.