Supported Platforms

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Supported Platforms

Operating Systems

Currently, the full functionality of the PMOD modules is offered on three 64-Bit platforms:

Windows Operating Systems starting from Windows 7



Java Compatibility

PMOD is based on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which evolves over time. In order to avoid compatibility problems PMOD is deployed with a tailored JRE.


The performance of PMOD is crucially dependent on the the following system characteristics:

CPU clock: Java performance increases approximately linearly with the CPU clock; a better internal organization of a CPU usually does not compensate a higher clock rate.

Processing Cores: The PKIN, PXMOD and PNEURO tools supports parallel calculations, if a system has more than two cores or CPUs and will be significantly faster. For using the parcellation methodology in PNEURO eight cores or more are recommended.

Operating system: Only 64-Bit operating systems are supported because otherwise the  RAM available to PMOD is not sufficient for real image processing.

RAM: The equipment of the system with at least 16GB RAM is required to avoid swapping and running out of memory for the productive analysis of experimental data.