Spatial Transformation of VOIs

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Spatial Transformation of VOIs

Spatial transformations can be applied to VOIs in order to transfer them from one image space to another. For instance, if VOIs were outlined on an MRI, and the MRI has been matched to a PET scan, the matching transformation can be applied to the MRI VOIs in order to adjust them to the PET image.

A transformation can be directly applied at VOI loading time as described in the VOI Save/Load section, but it is also possible to just load the VOIs and apply the transformation using the Spatial transformation of VOIs facility in the VOI tools panel.


When activating the button, a dialog window appears for selecting the transformation.


The user has to choose among the different types of transformations:

Load transformation refers to .mat file transformations which result from rigid, affine or template matching procedures

Load deformation field refers to  probability matching which returns a transformation in form of an image, which can be read from the file system (Nifti), or from a PMOD Database.

Then, a corresponding transformation needs to be loaded.