PMOD Server Processes as Windows Services

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PMOD Server Processes as Windows Services

The PMOD software offers various server processes such as

DICOM servers for receiving image data over the network;

transaction servers for organizing the access to central databases;

license servers for managing the processing clients for a network license.

These processes should be running reliably and at all times. The following sections describe, how they can be implemented as Windows Services, improving their manageability and minimizing the administrative overhead. The advantages of such a setup include:

no need for open console or terminal sessions;

automatic process restart after system restart or a process termination;

service events are stored to the Windows log;

information about service starting/rebooting can be mailed to the administrator;

PMOD Server output can be redirected to a file;

user friendly management tool for checking the server state;

remote administration via web browser.

Two solutions are described. One is based on the affordable 3rd party software AlwaysUp from Core Technologies Consulting, LLC. Alternatively, there is a free service manager software available at which also works.

This services documentation uses PMOD version 3.6, but everything is similar for other versions.