Interactive Data Masking

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Interactive Data Masking

The Interactive masking methods do not work with existing VOIs. Rather, the user clicks at central point of the object to be masked and holds down the mouse button. While holding down, a growing sphere is shown, centered at the clicked point. A Confirmation dialog appears as when releasing the mouse button as illustrated below for the case of Interactive Inside masking. It allows defining the masking value, and whether the masking should be applied to a cloned series. The Outside masking works in strict analogy.


The resulting data is void in the masking area.



The masking operation with successive dialog window repeats with each click into the image. To stop this behavior, please select the Neutral button indicated in the example above.

Note: The dialog window can be omitted to facilitate quick interactive data adjustments. To do so, disable the Confirm removal operation box in the configuration of the View tool, on the Display tab in VOI DEFINITION area.